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My Pic Of The Day
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

42 -- The Secret Garden Trip

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: Excuse me....
rilla: Go Away.
Rilla: Hello! Hi! I'm Rilla...your alter...
rilla: I SAID, Go Away!

Rilla: All right. Be that way. I was going to show you...
rilla: Show me what?
Rilla: Never mind. You told me to go I'm going away.

Rilla: So much for that. She didn't even look up. All day long it's nothing but editing, writing, editing, writing...she's the most boring company on earth.

But I'm not. I left her at home, and went to see the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens in Pasadena CA, FINALLY.

Shhhh...don't tell her. She's been wanting to go, like, FOREVER. are a few pictures I took. Even if she's too busy to look, you want to see them, right?

Window onto the Chinese Garden

Lions welcome friend and family to the Japanese Zen Garden

Lotus bud in the Chinese Garden

Ah, the serene beauty of a Japanese Garden.

Peace, tranquility = Writing Retreat. Like rilla is listening, sigh.

One of my favorites, Bonsai Magic.

Okay, I lied, THREE of my favorites.

The sign beside this elegant graffiti says "No carving or writing on bamboo." I rather think it's beautiful.

And a lovely time was had by all!

Rilla: Oh no! She's stirring...coming this way...yikes...can't hide anyth...
rilla: You did WHAT? The Hungtington...WITHOUT me?
Rilla: Well, I...TRIED, OK?
rilla: Sigh! Those pictures are beautiful.
Rilla: ...
rilla: Maybe it IS time I stopped to enjoy the flowers...

rilla: ...or the serenity of a lotus pond.

Rilla: Yeah! Maybe you should too.


Katia said...

Lovely pictures of what looks to be a lovely, lovely place, Rilla. You can hear the silence and feel the peace. Thanks for sharing.

rilla said...

Hey Katia,
Thanks for taking a walk through the gardens with me. It is really such a lovely place, maybe next time you come we can take our laptops there for writing inspiration :)

C.K. said...

Gorgeous! It looks like there should be a unicorn or faeries lurking amongst the greenery.

rilla said...

But there were, C.K. Problem is the denizens of faerie are camera shy and sure know how to hide. Oh the tricks I tried...but as you can see,they're way smarter than I!