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Thursday, February 19, 2009

39 -- I Know It Isn't Over

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

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Rilla: What are you doing?
rilla: Writing a book review.
Rilla: can barely see.
rilla: I know.
Rilla: Not doing too well on the breathing front either.
rilla: Think I can't tell?
Rilla: You sick or something?
rilla: No...I'm trying to write a book you mind?
Rilla: It might be easier if you waited until you've recovered from whatever...

rilla: Not something you recover from in a long while.
Rilla: OK, now you're scaring me. What do you have? What is it you don't recover from in a long while?
rilla: A good book.
Rilla: What?
rilla: A powerfully written book that doesn't tiptoe around emotions but deals with them head on in an honest, real way.
Rilla: What the hell are you on about?
rilla: The book I just finished!
Rilla: OK. OK, I'm slightly relieved your problem is not about at least telling me WHICH book?
rilla: Oh. Didn't I mention that?
Rilla: Good Grief. There's a transcript here of the dialogue we've just had...take a look at it if you don't believe WHICH BOOK IS IT?
rilla: Oh. I guess you're right. OK. Stop rolling the eyes. I'm still trying to get my breath back.
Rilla: Sound of foot tapping on floor.
rilla: Don't be ridiculous, the floor's carpeted. I can't hear a thing.
Rilla: Sound of fingers drumming on desk.
rilla: OK, OK. Here it is. It's called I Know It's Over and it's by C.K. Kelly Martin.

Rilla: Finally. Some progress. Well.
rilla: Well what?
Rilla: WHAT'S IT ABOUT? I thought this was supposed to be a book review.
rilla: Maybe I should wait until my head stops spinning.

Rilla: That bad, huh?
rilla: Yeah. That mean...good. I think. I mean what do you do when you curl up with a book in your favorite chair to be all cozy and comfortable and then all of a sudden, you're glued to the chair, only the chair isn't there any more, neither is the room, the only thing there is a glass of wine burning its way down as you read about a sixteen year old boy, who...
Rilla: Yeah, who...what? Don't stop, now that we're finally getting somewhere.
rilla: Wait a minute. OK. Yeah, his name's Nick and he lives, I don't know, in some frozen corner of Canada and...
Rilla: and...?
rilla: And right at the beginning of the book, he's broken up with his's broken up with him.
Rilla: And...? What's so special about that?

rilla: Well, it's Christmas Eve and he's off to spend it with his Dad, see his Dad and Mom have recently had a divorce and he's just recovering from that.
Rilla: Uh-huh.
rilla: And his ex-girlfriend stops by all friendly like...just to tell him.
Rilla: Tell him? Tell him what?
rilla: That she's pregnant.
Rilla: Oh.
rilla: Yeah, and he's this really good-looking ultra jock ice-hockey champion type and he acts all like...
Rilla: Let me guess...a jock jerk.
rilla: Well, that's what you think at first.
Rilla: But he's not.
rilla: No. He takes you back in time to how he meets her and you start to realize...
Rilla: It's just an act?
rilla: No, it's not an act. What you get to see is Nick from the inside. Nick, reeling, Nick, dealing...Nick feeling all this pain and confusion and you go on this roller coaster ride, because you are no longer you, you are Nick and you are feeling and dealing and seeing through Nick's eyes. And you're sixteen and...
Rilla: And...?
rilla: And I can't breathe. Just go read the book for yourself...OK?

Don't just take my word for it, I Know It's Over received starred reviews in both Kirkus Reviews as well as Publisher's Weekly.
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