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My Pic Of The Day
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

38 -- Starving for Sydneyside Summer

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: Yes!
rilla: Sorry?
Rilla: I'm so glad you asked.
rilla: About what?
Rilla: If I had a fabulous time in Sydney. I did!
rilla: I didn't ask.
Rilla: Oh.
rilla: I didn't even know you'd been to Sydney.
Rilla: What?

rilla: When did you go to Sydney?
Rilla: In December! You don't remember? Nothing at all? How about the incredible food?

Rilla: Or, going on our favorite hike in the Blue Mountains...

Rilla:...down the Charles Darwin walk... Wentworth Falls?

Rilla: No? Then how about the incredible food?

Rilla: And the cold blustery day we revisited the Three Sisters...

Rilla: ...and Fitzroy Falls?

Rilla: Still drawing a blank? Then what about drinks with friends...

Rilla: ...the fabulous port?

Rilla: Seeing our old apartment in Pyrmont?

Rilla: Hmm...OK. Let's see. Huh! You really don't remember the incredible food?

Rilla: Or seeing the Opera House and wishing we had time to take a ride on the Manly ferry again?

Rilla: Visiting friends and their beautiful homes and gardens...

Rilla: ...and families?

Rilla: ...even when they fought over our shoes?

Rilla: ...not even the incredible home-made food?

Rilla: Nothing? You're hopeless.
rilla: That was a lot of food!
Rilla: Yeah! My diet went for a six.
rilla: You're on a diet?
Rilla: We were discussing Sydney.
rilla: And your diet.
Rilla: No. We were talking about food and friends...
rilla: YES! I do remember having dinner with someone special.
Rilla: So it's not alzheimer's yet...
rilla: It was great. We had dinner down by the toaster. She is the...the...hmm...the...
Rilla: It is alzheimers, after all.
rilla: I have it. She is the West Sydney Children's Officer.
Rilla: What were you doing having dinner with the police?
rilla: No, no, no. She is the Western Sydney Young People's Officer.
Rilla: Armed forces?
rilla: NO! Why can't I get this right? Judith, help me out here.

Rilla: Judith?
rilla: Yes, that's me with Judith and Harriet. We spent the whole evening discussing...that's it...Judith is the Western Sydney Young People's Literature Officer.

Rilla: Literature Officer? As in censorship...?
rilla: Good Grief, NO! She...she...what do you do, Judith? Hey! Maybe, Judith can tell us what she does if we interview her on this blog.
Rilla: Sounds like a plan to me. Nothing like keeping a blog and getting someone else do the wor-writing! Maybe we can have dinner with her too.
rilla: You still on that diet?
Rilla: What diet? Why would you insist...?
rilla: You seem to be inordinately stuck on the notion of food.
Rilla: I'm fine. I really am.

rilla: You sure you've had enough to eat?
Rilla: Of course, I have!
rilla: Yeah? Then why's this keyboard dripping wet?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

37 -- Blog Block Sale

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: Do it.
rilla: ...
Rilla: DO it!
rilla: ...
Rilla: Just write one word!
rilla: Word.
Rilla: THERE! You did it!
rilla: Now what?
Rilla: Now you're over your blogger's block. You have officially created a new post.

rilla: Just like that? With one word? Word? That's boring.
Rilla: no, No, NO! Now you keep going.
rilla: With what? I just gave away my one word.
Rilla: Haven't you done anything interesting recently?
rilla: OK. Yes. I have.
Rilla: And?
rilla: Yes, I said. I have done something interesting.
Rilla: Some day I'm going to...WHAT have you done that's interesting?
rilla: Oh! Yes. I was just appointed to be the editor of Kite Tales. I'm very excited.
Rilla: Kite Tales?
rilla: You don't know Kite Tales? It's the regional newsletter covering Southern California. It's for the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI SoCal) events occurring here.
Rilla: GREAT! Money at last! About time this writing gambit of yours helped pay the bills. I did have my doubts...
rilla: Ahem.
Rilla: Pardon?
rilla: Nothing...just a frog in my throat.
Rilla: So. When does it arrive?
rilla: The first issue I'm working on is for the the 1st of April.
Rilla: No, no. Who cares about the first issue.
rilla: Who cares about...?

Rilla: The PAY CHECK! When does that arrive?
rilla: Oh, that.
Rilla: Well?
rilla: It doesn't.
Rilla: Pardon?
rilla: You say that a lot, don't you?
Rilla: What about that pay check?

rilla: The position doesn't pay.
Rilla: WHAT? Don't tell me you're about to use the 'v' word!
rilla: I'm a volunteer.
Rilla: Aaarrrgh! The 'v' word. Do you know what the bills do when they hear that word...they stand up and dance...they stick out their tongues and....
rilla: Hey! You did it!
Rilla: Did it?
rilla: You got rid of my blogger's block!
Rilla: THAT'S IT! This blog is up for sale.