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My Pic Of The Day
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Friday, May 8, 2009

40 -- Grim Dreams of Success

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

rilla: Weird. Last night I dreamed we invited Neil Gaiman to dinner.
Rilla: Neil who?
No...really. Who is Neil, and why would we want him over for dinner?
rilla: You don't know who Neil Gaiman is? He wrote The Graveyard Book.
Rilla: So it was a nightmare you were having? What is he, some kind of Grim Reaper?
rilla: No! He's the winner of the Newbery Medal.
Rilla: I see. If you can't win a medal yourself, you dream about those who do?

rilla: Moving on. So. I'm rummaging around in the pantry frantically looking for something to cook for dinner.
Rilla: Bet you didn't find anything in there.
rilla: Well, yeah. I mean, no. That's where the nightmare part comes in.
Rilla: Nightmare? That's not a dream. That's just every day. Go check...right now. Nothing in there but birdseed, until you stop dreaming about awards and sell a book so we can put some real food on the table.
rilla: Could be worse. At least birdseed is balanced and nutritious.
Rilla: That's nuts.
rilla: No, it's seeds. There's a difference.
Rilla: Oh, what's the point. We'll all be part of some graveyard book if you keep this up.
rilla: Actually, there is some good news.

Rilla: Oh? Don't keep me waiting.
rilla: Well, I was asked to write an endorsement for this great book that's coming out in August.
Rilla: Endorsement? I thought you were going to say you were asked to write a book.
rilla: Yes! You Can Learn How To Write Children's Books, Get Them Published, and Build a $uccessful Writing Career by Nancy Sanders.

Rilla: I'm glad somebody knows how to do that.
rilla: Well that's the point! The book teaches everyone how to do it! Everyone who wants to write for a career, that is. It's got hands-on tips to set goals, organize objectives, target publishers, and land contracts before you write the book.
Rilla: Sounds like a dream. I'm all for any ticket out of birdseed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
rilla: I feel as if it's given me focus and a plan.
Rilla: Focus? Focus? What the dickens do you focus on all those hours spent in front of the computer?
rilla: OK. I'm focused but I'm not organized. I spend 95% of my time writing and only 5% tyring to sell what I write, or write what will sell.
Rilla: Now she tells me!
rilla: This book talks about organizing each day, week, and month on the basis of career goals you set for the year. Basically, Nancy provides solid, practical advice on how to get published, make an income, and write for fulfilment.
Rilla: I sure hope you focused on the making an income bits.

rilla: You know what you need? A big dose of RELAX.
Rilla: Great. Maybe I should just curl up in a chair and read a book.
rilla: What a wonderful idea.
Rilla: Any suggestions?
rilla: Yes! The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
Rilla: OK. Just as long as you take the advice from that other book seriously.
rilla: Oh, yes. I've already started implementing some of the suggestions. I've created a new work schedule, starting 6:30 tomorrow!
Rilla: 6:30? I know you like to burn the midnight oil and all, but seriously, 6:30? Isn't that a bit late? Even for you?
rilla: 6:30 AM, as in the MORNING, bird-brain.
Rilla: You want me to wake up at 6:30 AM? And eat birdseed for breakfast? Groan.
rilla: Technically, the early bird gets the worm...not the birdseed.
Rilla: Yuck! Skip the book. Just send me to the Graveyard, now.

Rilla: Shh. Don't tell rilla. I've decided to help her out with this writing career bit. I just designed a new website for her and her alone! Go check it out and tell me what you think of it -- But, not a word to her...promise?