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My Pic Of The Day

My Pic Of The Day
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

35 -- Smile, You're On Candid Camera!

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: Humph! No people in my pictures! That’s what rilla says. Does she even look at my pictures? LOOK at all these people I photographed while we were in India. There are so many everyday images I captured, so many expressions... like the shy smile of the dishwasher halfway up the mountain to the fort...

rilla: Rilla doesn't know I'm here... look at her getting all huffy at me when she thinks I'm not around. Shy smile indeed... such cheek to sneak in here and write this blog without me.
Rilla: ...and the skill of the women balancing humongous pots of water on their heads. What a feat. Can you imagine if that skanky rilla had to carry all the water she used everyday on top of her head... hah!

rilla: Me? What about her? Doesn't even want two different handles for hot and cold on the faucet... no... it's got to be a mixer... that's how lazy she is.
Rilla: And look at this old lady! Will I be able to carry such a burden when I'm her age and cross the street. Heck no, I can't even cross the street in India now!

rilla: Chicken!
Rilla: The perplexed look on this elegantly dressed gentleman... hey, she's taking a picture of me, should I smile or look wise? Seems like he did both, to end up with that perfect Mona Lisa smile!

Rilla: Oooh... this poor lad just got caught without his helmet! Oops. The cop's taken away his license! How's he going to wangle his way out of that one? Should have known better dude! Cost you a couple of hundred at least!

Rilla: Ooh la la! Now that's style. Look at 'em high heels go.

Rilla: I love the street vendors. This kid's selling pens and soooo proud of it!

Rilla: You want color... I'll give you color!

Rilla: And get a load of this guy. He's selling... mm... he's got... mm... tiki dolls?

Rilla: Cute little ducky,

...wait a minute, she's selling the same thing... only she's a little more pushy, and has cool teeth decorations.

Rilla: Hmm... now I'm hungry. Bring on the food. Yummy, crunchy cucumber, sour-sweet barrow fruits and those little dark red ones, never did know what they were called...

Rilla: This is the kind of spread I'm looking for. Corn cobs roasted over smoldering charcoal, rubbed with lime juice, salt and chilli powder. Yummy. Dad and my favorite roadside snack. Memories.

And speaking of Dad, here's his fruit vendor,still going strong after all these years.

Rilla: Flowers for your hair anyone? Fragrant jasmine, elegant tuberose?

rilla: Sheesh, now she's trying to be poetic all of a sudden. Poor child... sigh...
Rilla: Oh and how can I forget the bull charmer! Special for the festival dussera.

Rilla: That sneaky camel. He shows up everywhere.

Rilla: The cook's granddaughter. Isn't she a cutie?

Rilla: Time for the bath and who's helping mom, it's uncle!

Rilla: This portrait is one of my masterpieces. It is from my blue period...

rilla: Blue period... what airs. Oops... oh no... here it comes... wait for it...
Rilla: WHA…? Where did this come from? Who… rilla? rILLAHHHH! How dare you touch my camera… how dare you take pictures with my precious…
rilla: You said you were putting up pictures of people, I thought I'd help...

Rilla: That's not a person... that's a, a...
rilla: The angel from the top of our Christmas tree. Isn't she gorgeous? I love...
Rilla: You haven't answered my question! How dare you touch my camera?
rilla: Your camera? When did it become your camera?
Rilla: Since it came in the mail on my birthday.
rilla: It's my birthday too you know.
Rilla: But the card was addressed only to me. It said Happy Birthday Rilla. No mention of you...
rilla: So I guess you're not interested in what the tree looks like, hey? The ornaments?
Rilla: Ornament? That's a...
rilla: Flying pig! Isn't she adorable?

rilla: And these are the ones you picked up in India.

Rilla: Good grief. Have time for such fripperies as Christmas decorations, have you?
rilla: Time must be made for such fripperies or one would go insane.
Rilla: Doesn't seem to have helped you any... Hey, look at him. He's cute. That's exactly how I feel right now with all the Christmas cookies I've eaten.

rilla: That's how you look too!
Rilla: Oh, the fireplace. Neat!

Rilla: Wait a minute. THERE'S NO STOCKING UP FOR ME!
rilla: Calm down. You can have mine. It's the red one on the right. Big deal. It's empty anyway.
Rilla: Empty?
rilla: Well, let me know the minute you discover who gives Santa his gifts and I'll hire her.
Rilla: Oh. Hey, I'll stuff your stocking, if you stuff mine!
rilla: It's a deal! I love surprises!
Rilla: So. You done decorating?
rilla: No. See, I was putting bows up the staircase. But the rest of them have gone missing. I can't find them anywhere.

Rilla: Ha ha ha.
I know who took your Christmas bows.
bow burglars--

Thursday, December 13, 2007

34 -- Family Matters

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: The grass is green, the leaves are red, the mountains are white, the sky is blue, another brilliant fall day in southern California. Oh how I…
rilla: Not much of a poet are you?
Rilla: Poet? One can enjoy the scenery even when it’s not in verse you know.
rilla: How dull. What is the point of language and word craft if not to make the telling as interesting as the scene?
Rilla: I let my pictures do the talking. You know, a picture paints a thousand words…
rilla: yadda, yadda, yadda.
Rilla: What? You don’t like my photographs?
rilla: No, no, not time to get all hot under the collar. Everyone loves your photographs, you know that. But…
Rilla: But?
rilla: But where are all the people? I mean green hills and brass betel-nut-cutters are all very fine and dandy, but there’s not much on the family is there? Don’t you spend any time at all with family? Wasn’t there anything going on?
Rilla: So that’s your gripe. A people person are you?
rilla: NO! But…
Rilla: All right well, sis-in-law has a new house…beautiful!

and there's a kitchen drawer designed specially for each and every type of utensil!

rilla: Very nice. Though I do miss her house on the IIT campus.

Rilla: Mm... the Indian Institute of Technology Campus in Bombay. That was idyllic. But... people, even sisters, do retire you know. And nieces and nephews grow up. Niece is going to college. She danced for us at home. She's soon going on to learn to be a choreographer.

rilla: About time. She has been studying the Indian Classical dance form of Kathak, forever. She is so talented.
Rilla: Nephew has a new motorbike…

rilla: Snazzy! Very cool.
Rilla: Brother-in-law has a new job

on a fabulous campus

with beautiful scenery.

rilla: Oo la la! He must be very happy.
Rilla: Tell me about it!

rilla: Looks like there was more good food… mmm…

Rilla: Yes. We have a great deal to give thanks for.

rilla: Thankful, yes.
Rilla: In more ways than one.

rilla: Thankful Thursday. Hey! I baked the pumpkin pie. Why isn't there a picture of the pies???
Rilla: When was the last time we all had Thanksgiving together as a family after we left home for good?

rilla: Never. Mom sure looks happy.

Rilla: Yes. All that work to bring her over… it was worth it wasn’t it? So much to give thanks for.
rilla: Packing and moving? — Two months;
Sorting and selling? — Mounds of dust, Buckets of sweat, Handkerchiefs drenched in tears, Hours in bed recovering;
Thanksgiving at home with the whole family for the first time in twenty six years? — PRICELESS!

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It was a HARD Day's Work!