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My Pic Of The Day
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

c1 -- Sneak Preview

So this is where she's been hanging out all this time!

I guess I should introduce myself....I'm Sha-do. Yes, go figure, she had to spell my name you know how difficult that is to explain over the phone?

Well, anyway, I'd been wondering where she'd disappeared to all these days. Now I see she's been consorting with the likes of you. I read all the other stuff on this site, the schizo bits? Trust me, she's just like that -- TOTALLY INSANE!

I guess I have only myself to blame though. As a matter of fact, I adopted them. Well, that evening when I first entered their yard, they looked perfectly normal. But then, anything will look normal to a starved cat who's just been kicked out of his home and told to fend for himself.

The worst part is, I did all this work, found a couple of nuts who would take me in and then what happens? My brother shows and wants to be adopted too, and, well, I told you they were insane...THEY TOOK HIM IN!

Yeah, here he is now. Butting in as he always does....grrrrrrrrrrrr.

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kunal said...

Thought I'd leave a catty comment of my own - love rilla and Rilla... wheres ril-LA tho?

Rilla said...

Hey Kunal,
Thanks for weighing in. I'm afraid ril-LA got left behind in Sydney. Too bad, the more the merrier around here, it seems.