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My Pic Of The Day
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

37 -- Blog Block Sale

NOTE: This blog is a continuing dialog between the two faces of rilla. The identity crisis is explained (if such a thing is possible) in the first edition. Click here to read: 1 -- Introduction

Rilla: Do it.
rilla: ...
Rilla: DO it!
rilla: ...
Rilla: Just write one word!
rilla: Word.
Rilla: THERE! You did it!
rilla: Now what?
Rilla: Now you're over your blogger's block. You have officially created a new post.

rilla: Just like that? With one word? Word? That's boring.
Rilla: no, No, NO! Now you keep going.
rilla: With what? I just gave away my one word.
Rilla: Haven't you done anything interesting recently?
rilla: OK. Yes. I have.
Rilla: And?
rilla: Yes, I said. I have done something interesting.
Rilla: Some day I'm going to...WHAT have you done that's interesting?
rilla: Oh! Yes. I was just appointed to be the editor of Kite Tales. I'm very excited.
Rilla: Kite Tales?
rilla: You don't know Kite Tales? It's the regional newsletter covering Southern California. It's for the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI SoCal) events occurring here.
Rilla: GREAT! Money at last! About time this writing gambit of yours helped pay the bills. I did have my doubts...
rilla: Ahem.
Rilla: Pardon?
rilla: Nothing...just a frog in my throat.
Rilla: So. When does it arrive?
rilla: The first issue I'm working on is for the the 1st of April.
Rilla: No, no. Who cares about the first issue.
rilla: Who cares about...?

Rilla: The PAY CHECK! When does that arrive?
rilla: Oh, that.
Rilla: Well?
rilla: It doesn't.
Rilla: Pardon?
rilla: You say that a lot, don't you?
Rilla: What about that pay check?

rilla: The position doesn't pay.
Rilla: WHAT? Don't tell me you're about to use the 'v' word!
rilla: I'm a volunteer.
Rilla: Aaarrrgh! The 'v' word. Do you know what the bills do when they hear that word...they stand up and dance...they stick out their tongues and....
rilla: Hey! You did it!
Rilla: Did it?
rilla: You got rid of my blogger's block!
Rilla: THAT'S IT! This blog is up for sale.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Rilla, on being named editor of Kite Tales!! I checked out the current issue online, and they've made a number of improvements to it since I last looked at it. I know you'll make many more. Looking forward to great things!

rilla said...

Thanks, Marge! Kite Tales is big and byootiful, isn't it ;) Don't forget to subscribe if you want your paper copy. Of course, I will let you know every time there is a new edition out!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on landing the kite tales gig. I'm going to check it out online now! :)

OneL x

rilla said...

Thanks, Zine girl! Can't believe you're actually going to be IN the parade!! Take lots of pics. And, I want to see copies of your new Zine as well as Kook3!

J said...

Congrtulations, you did it

Fran said...

It's Sydney HarboUr Bridge, with the 'U' - British spelling.

And, to be fair to the place, the Bridge is usually only photographed when the sun is out.

Your picture makes it all look a bit dreary, and it rarely is!

rilla said...

Thanks, J! I'm very excited!

rilla said...

Thanks for stopping by, Fran.

Interesting that you think my photograph is dreary! To me the bridge is dramatic and moody and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to capture it in a different light than what you are used to!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Both, for a new blog post and for being appointed editor of Kite Tales. Here's to that pay-check ;-)

Shivani said...

Silly Gorrilly! I've missed your blog and am glad you're back in action. Congrats on the exciting new opportunity! And don't worry about "the V word," money and paychecks are inadequate measures of the value of experiences. Much love, from one of your biggest fans!

rilla said...

Hey anonymous,
Thanks! and Sigh, here's to that paycheck...someday!

rilla said...

Hey there big fan,
Gorillas can't survive without them! Dying to hear your voice again, girlie and hear all the fabulous news on your end too. talk soon!

Katia said...

Good to have you back - finally ! - in the blogosphere, Rilla. I missed your silly, schizophrenic conversations ! :)

rilla said...

Hey Katia,
It's good to be back. This way I can get those silly schizophrenic conversations out of my head. They've been banging around in there driving me insane all year ;0

intuart said...

No Pets, Please, I loved the story and the way that the tale wound round to show how trust and hope can evolve.
The V word, ah well, those jobs are some of the best. The time keeper in my head scolds, you could be using that time to find a job. The resume builder says, it will look good on the resume. They are both right. Gotcha, again.

rilla said...

Hey there intuart,
thanks for reading my new story!

And, yes, the 'V' word. You know a lot about that, my friend ;) Truth is, it's neither the time-minder nor the resume builder instigating me here--it's just the darn fun of it. This is an amazing position! I'm loving it!