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My Pic Of The Day
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Friday, June 15, 2007

17 -- Multiplying Exponentially -- Rilla

Rilla: Just me here, today. rilla's off writing somewhere. So, I thought I'd surprise her. I'm just so tired of watching her go through that favorites list of hers, on her browser, whenever she wants to find information on a publisher or agent or a useful link tucked away somewhere in the miles and miles of links. Writers! Not a very organized bunch!

Well, here's what I did. I organized her links and put them up on a website for her so she can access them more easily and spend less time glaring at her browser favorites pulling out my hair.

I called it
rCube. If you're also a struggling writer trying to find those elusive web links, you might want to see if the site can help you too. And, if you're so inclined, drop me a comment here to contribute your useful links to it, anonomously or otherwise. Appreciate it.

Oh, and yes, we are mutliplying exponentially -- scary thought -- anyone seen Shrek the Third...well you'll know what it feels like then ;) comes rilla. Later!

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